Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This is why we have adopted this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), by which we are committed to respect the confidentiality of your personal information, protecting it and using it solely for the purposes for which it was collected. We wish to provide you with information on why and how we collect your personal information and on how it is kept and used.

By using our site, you accept the terms of our Policy and you acknowledge and agree to the conservation and use of your personal information as described hereunder.

Subject to cookies described hereunder, please note that, when you visit our site, no personal information is collected, unless you make a purchase, you become a member or you register to a newsletter or priority list.

Scope and application

The Policy applies to all personal information collected by Protè This personal information is collected from the Website (the “site”) and also through any other communication you may have with Protè by e-mail, by mail or otherwise (including via social networks such as Facebook), about the products sold through the site. The Policy also applies to certain information gathered from our partners which is necessary for the provision of our services or when you have consented to such sharing of information. The Policy is subject to the An Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, as well as other applicable legislation and regulations.

The Information you Provide

As a Purchaser

Every user of our site wishing to purchase products must provide the following information:

-his/her surname and name;
-his/her postal address and billing address (if different);
-his/her email address;
-his/her phone number;
-his/her credit card information; and
-when required, the name of your business and your cell phone number.

This information is collected and used particularly for the following reasons:

-to validate your identity with the issuer of your credit card; and
-to send you the products you have purchased.

As a Member

Every user of our site wishing to register as a member must provide the following information:

-his/her surname and name;
-his/her email address;
-a password;
-optionally, his/her postal address, his/her phone number.

This information is collected and used for the following reasons:

-to identify you;
-to facilitate your products purchase;
-to allow us to contact you in case of need;
-to verify that you fully comply with some admissibility criteria to use the site; and
-to customize the content of the site according to your needs and interests.

The transmission of alerts to the member presents several advantages. In fact, these alerts will be sent by Protè to the member to inform him of the upcoming event of his/her favourite artist within his/her geographic area or to offer him special promotions for this artist. To benefit from these alerts, the member must provide his/her e-mail address and, optionally his/her phone or cell phone number, and ensure that this information is, to his/her knowledge, true and accurate. The member acknowledges that fees may be charged by the Internet service provider or the cell phone service provider to receive these alerts. Protè cannot be held responsible for fees incurred by the reception of alerts or for any unwanted message. In the event that a member receives unwanted messages, he may unsubscribe by following the link provided in the email transmitted, text on his/her cell phone the word “unsubscribe”, or contact the customer service to remove his/her coordinates from Protè mailing list.

When you Register to the Newsletter

Every person wishing to register to our newsletter must provide the following information:

-his/her email address

This information is only collected and used to help us better communicate with you and customize our offers or the content of our site.

You may decide at any time to cancel your registration to this communication and we give you the opportunity to do so at each communication.

The Electronic Information Collected Automatically on our Site

It is possible that we collect information that is not private, particularly the type of Internet server or computer system you use or the domain name of the website from which you have reached ours. This information is used for statistical purposes, to give us a portrait of the average user using our site or the services of Protè, and is not use to identify any users of the site. This information may include the type of Internet browser you use, the language of your browser, the time spent on the site, the pages visited, the artists searched, the type of device used, you IP address, as well as the calls made and other interactions with our customer service.

Furthermore, when you visit our site, we may keep some information on your computer such as cookies or a similar file. Cookies allow us to store some information about your use of the site, including the date of your most recent visit, the pages accessed and the files downloaded, where applicable. Cookies allow us to tailor our site to better match your interests and preferences. Cookies are not used to identify you but to enhance, customize or facilitate your experience on our site.

It is possible that Protè links the information obtained to your personal information when you log on the site.

Moreover, we inform you that a cookie may be introduced on your computer if you access to our site by a banner placed on a partner website. This cookie is used to identify the site which has brought you to Protè and, in case of a sale, identify the partner who has initiated the sale. This cookie contains no personal information and does not identify you. Your information such as you surname, name, email, postal address, password or credit card number are not recorded by this cookie or any other cookie used on our site. This ensures the security of the confidential information that you entrust us.

Most of the Internet browsers allow you to erase the cookies of the hard drive of your computer, to block them or to receive a warning before their implantation. You may refer to your browser’s instructions to learn more about these functions. If you reject cookies, you will still have access to the site and you may proceed with the purchase or sale of products, but it is possible that your browser be affected and that you cannot benefit of certain functionalities of our site.

Access and Modify your Personal Information

At all times, you may access and modify the personal information of your account. Please note that this does not modify the recent transactions made on our site.


As indicated above, you may at all times unsubscribe from our newsletter.

Please note that some messages are sent to you as required by Protè since these are meant to inform you of a mandatory action to take, the status of an issue in which you are involved or the need for a member of our customer service to contact you. It is impossible to manually configure the reception of these messages given their critical aspect or their high significance.


All the data are stored on servers of high security, protected against access by unauthorized persons and misuse. Protè also protects the personal information disclosed to third parties in accordance with this policy in order to preserve the privacy and the purpose for which it was collected. Only individuals (employees or agents) who require the information in the course of their duties may have access.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and as is the case with all computer system, malicious third parties may, using sophisticated technological means, unlawfully intercept or access the information when it is transmitted or communicated. These third parties may then abuse or fraudulently use the information collected on the site.

Thus, despite the fact that we make every possible effort to ensure the safety and protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee, and you should not assume, that your personal information is not subject to any risk whatsoever.

How your Personal Information is Stored and Communicated

Protè retains personal information for a reasonable period of time to achieve the objectives established or pursuant to the law, depending on which delay is longer. We establish retention criteria depending on the type of information collected.

Once the objectives have been reached and personal information is no longer needed or if the person asks us to remove it, we ensure their anonymity or we destroy it in order to protect it against access or unauthorized disclosure.

We never disclose your personal information to anybody outside Protè without your consent, except to:

-our supplier of goods or services (organization or individual) whose services have been retained to perform services on our behalf (eg. data processing, document management, shipping services, etc.). Protè takes the necessary measures, by contract or otherwise, to ensure that these third party suppliers of goods or services treat your personal information only for the purposes identified by Protè and offer a degree of privacy of the personal information comparable to the one Protè offers for personal information in its possession;

-any entity in case of a sale, merger or a change of control of Protè, in whole or in part, and only if an agreement is reached between the parties to any such transaction according to which the collection, use and communication of information are limited to the objectives of the commercial transaction;

-any public authority if required by law; or

-complete, manage, review or cancel a transaction made via the site.

We will not share your personal information with a promotional partner unless you have specifically consented to the disclosure of your personal information to him.

Personal Information of Persons Under 18 Years of Age

Our site is not intended for persons under 18 years of age. Protè does not knowingly collect any personal information from such individuals.

Payment Processing

We use Shopify, Apple Pay and Paypal services for payment, analytics, and other business services. Shopify, Apple Pay and Paypal collect identifying information about the devices that connect to its services. Shopify, Apple Pay and Paypal use this information to operate and improve the services it provides to us, including for fraud detection.

External Hyperlinks Posted on Our Site

Our site may contain links to websites operated by other companies. By clicking on these links, you leave the site. Protè has no control over the operation of these websites and the fact that they are listed on our site does not incur any liability for Protè

All personal information that you submit through these sites is subject to their personal information protection policy and Protè does not assume any obligation in this regard.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

From time to time, Protè may change this policy. Please check it periodically.


If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, access to personal information, collection, the use and disclosure of personal information, how you may complain or if you want to remove your name from one or many of our mailing lists or update your personal information, please contact our privacy protection officer by email at the following address